How to organize assets (images) to make it easier to group them by blog post?

Hi everyone!

Is there a “best practice” in order to group my assets so I can easily see to which blog post they belong to? I’ve noticed that even when I add a new asset as a field inside my blog post entries, I’m still able to see all other assets (including images that I’ve added previously for other blog post entries).

I would like to see only the images that I’ve uploaded for that specific post. Or at least group them in a way that I can easily search for them.

I also noticed that I’m able to unpublish an asset (image) that has been published along with one of my blog posts entries without any warnings. Is this normal? Shouldn’t the assets that have been published inside blog post entries be somehow protected from accidental unpublishing or deletion?

Thanks for the help.
Still wrapping my head around Contentful, but really enjoying it so far.