How to pull both(published & draft) entries using CDA?


I have a requirement where I need to pull all the entries (published & draft) from contentful and store the meta data for those entries in our DB for reporting/analytics purpose.

I see drawbacks in both CMA & CDA.

CDA: Its only pulling the PUBLISHED entries for a given ContentType. Not pulling the DRAFT entries for that contentType.

    final CDAClient cdaClient = CDAClient.builder()

    // Get the amount of Entries, without fetching the actual content
    final int totalNumOfEntries =
                    .total();"Total CDAEntries :: {}", totalNumOfEntries);
    try {
        // create storage for the Entries
        final List<CDAResource> resources = new ArrayList<CDAResource>(totalNumOfEntries);

        // use page size, based on usecase
        final int PAGE_SIZE = 10;

        // loop through all pages and store results
        for(int page = 0; page * PAGE_SIZE < totalNumOfEntries; ++page) {
            final CDAArray currentPagedItems = cdaClient
                    .skip(page * PAGE_SIZE)

            // add to current list of Entries

CMA : I don’t see any API where I can pull entries for a given ContentType. Because I see CMA API is pull both (published & draft) the entries but it does not have a filter based on the contentType.

        final CMAClient client =
            new CMAClient

    final CMAArray<CMAEntry> cmaArray = client

Can someone help me here pointing to the right API which I can use to pull both PUBLISHED & DRAFT entries based on the contentType.