How to render Richtext Field in Swift UI?

Hey Guys, I have a problem with the RichText Object in Swift UI:

on my console i get this output

[“orderId”: 2, “content”: <Contentful.RichTextDocument: 0x6000039e1b80>, “subtitle”: “Grundlagen, System, Templates”, “created”: “2021-06-06T00:00”, “title”: “Dokumentieren”, “showcontent”: true, “logo”: “scribble.variable”]

So connection and retrieving works fine, but now comes the problem.

This is my code:

import SwiftUI
import Contentful
import ContentfulRichTextRenderer
import UIKit

// My struct looks like this:

struct Cards: Identifiable {
let id = UUID()
var title: String
var subtitle: String
var image: String
var logo: String
var content: String
var created: String
var show: Bool
var orderId: Int


class CardsStore: RichTextViewController, ObservableObject{

@Published var cards: [Cards] = sectionCards
// I have masked this
let client = Client(spaceId: "xxx", accessToken: "xxx")

@State var htmlContent: String = "&#9733"
@State var tmpHtml: String = ""

    let configuration = DefaultRendererConfiguration()
    let renderersProvider = DefaultRenderersProvider()
    let renderer = RichTextDocumentRenderer(
        configuration: configuration,
        nodeRenderers: renderersProvider
    super.init(renderer: renderer)
    getArray(id: "chapterCards") { (items) in
        items.forEach { (item) in
                                title: item.fields["title"] as! String,
                                subtitle: item.fields["subtitle"] as! String,
                                image: item.fields["image"] != nil ? item.fields["image"] as! String : "photo.fill",
                                logo: item.fields["logo"] as! String,
                                **content: item.fields["content"] as! String, // at this point the app crashes**
                                created: item.fields["created"] as! String,
                                show: item.fields["show"] != nil ? item.fields["show"] as! Bool : true,
                                orderId: item.fields["orderId"] != nil ? item.fields["orderId"] as! Int : 999
            // sort entries
                $0.orderId < $1.orderId

required init?(coder aDecoder: NSCoder) {
    fatalError("init(coder:) has not been implemented")

func getArray(id: String, completion: @escaping([Entry]) -> ()){
    let query = Query.where(contentTypeId: id)        
    client.fetchArray(of: Entry.self, matching: query){ result in
        switch result{
            case .success(let array):
            case .failure(let error):


So here is my question:

where and how do I have to convert RichText to String, at which point ?
Are there any solution for that ? Can anybody give me an example how to implement this ?

Thx in advance