How to store the result of "extension.dialogs.openExtension" and/or "extension.navigator.openNewEntry" when creating a ui field extension as a link?


I’m creating a ui field extension and need to basically recreate contentful’s reference field but I cannot figure out how to store the response into my field as a ‘link’ ( I’m also using forma 36 react components to style the links but can’t seem to find a component that would render the card that is supposed to represent the linked entry in the reference field. Does anyone have an example of using a reference field in an ui extension?


Hi german!

did you finaly found a solution? I"m standing for the same issue.


Hi @david.pfeil,

Are you using the same tutorial for NuxtJS? I have tried that tutorial and I didn’t encounter the same problem, although often could be due to different version of the tools (node, npm), or for some small mis-configuration. I would personally recommend to try out this other tutorial, since Gatsby has a larger community and documentation:

Hi @Alma

thanks for your response. I’m sorry, but how you jumped from the forma36-field-extension topic to nuxt.js? (Btw. we do use nuxt.js for the frontend rendering, but I do not see the connection here.)


Hi @david,

Sorry, I might have misread the first message. I thought there was a problem with the tutorial to set-up Contentful.