How to update an image asset?

Hi Guys,
New to Contentful. Can someone tell me the correct way to update an asset?
Specifically, I want to update an image with an updated version of the same image.

The only way I seem to be able to do it is to delete the old asset, add a brand new one and then re-link that asset in all the entries that referenced the old one. That feels wrong to me, but despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to find any guidance on the correct way to do this.

If I had to guess, I think I may be missing something about the way Contentful handles versioning, but my Google-fu is apparently not strong enough to figure it out.


Of course. 2 mins after posting this, I figured it out!

For those who find this in the future, here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the asset
  2. Hit the :wastebasket: icon with the tool tip ‘Delete File’
  3. Upload your new file.
  4. Hit publish.

What I had missed is that you can delete the file associated with an asset, without deleting the asset object itself. Obvious once you know.

How long the old image available to access in case i updated new image which in draft mode . does the published image will be available till i publish draft version even though it was deleted