HTML File Media Type

Why is it that HTML file types are not supported in Media?

I am developing an app for Android and iOS and because I need a lot of control over the formatting of the text I have opted to use HTML and CSS files in a embedded web viewer.

Since CSS and XML are supported I am just uploading my HTML files are XML files but it would be useful if I could just upload them as HTML files.

Hi @somascanapp,

As far as I’m aware, this limitation exists for security reasons, and I think @andy could confirm or further explain this if necessary.

As an alternative, it’s usually a better idea to use our long-text fields to store such content. Although our output is given in Markdown syntax, it should also be possible to use a compiler in the level of your application to fully process your stored content.

I just read in the following post that Markdown supports inline HTML tags and CSS properties:

I might explore this option as an alternative to uploading a HTML document :slight_smile: