I am getting a build error when I create a new branch and try to deploy the code in that branch

Hi, I have created a gatsby website which I have pushed to GitHub and have deployed on Netlify and works perfectly. I have created one branch ((lets call it “branch 1”) off the main which I am able to make changes and deploy to Netlify as a deploy preview. However, if I try to create a branch (“branch 2”) off of “branch 1” and I try to deploy the code on this branch on Netlify, I receive a build error (below) even though the code on “branch 2” is the exact same as the code on “branch 1”. I don’t understand why this error is coming up even though the code on both branches are exactly the same. Can anyone help with this please?

Hey @dania.quazi,

Can you confirm that the new branch is able to fetch the content from Contentful? It might be possible that the env variables aren’t configured correctly.