Image uploads still processing after 1 hour

When I add an image asset by URL using the Ruby SDK, and then look at it in the media tab, there is no image but a spinner and a message “Cannot publish until processing has finished”.

Even leaving this for an hour does not change the situation.

If I manually upload the same image using the content management web UI, it processes within seconds. The Ruby code is as follows:

image_file =[:contentType] = ‘image/jpeg’[:upload] = url
asset = env.assets.create(title: title, file: image_file)

I’m about to try to reproduce this using curl

Okay, I figured out what was going on. I made a curl request, and saw the lower-level error:

“sys”: {
“type”: “Error”,
“id”: “ValidationFailed”
“message”: “Validation error”,
“details”: {
“errors”: [
“name”: “required”,
“path”: [
“details”: “The property “fileName” is required here”
“requestId”: “d88518805302280610abd52b560eb9a0”

If I include a fileName property in the File, it processes just fine.

Perhaps it would be easier to find out what’s going on if the API server responded with a BadRequest when an image File is created without the fileName property?

Hi @steve,

The API should indeed return this message (“The property “fileName” is required here”), which is a 422 Unprocessable Entity error status and thus intrinsically distinct from a BadRequest one:

Would it be possible for you to check that when creating the assets using the Ruby SDK?