IN operator doesn't work for inbound links: links_to_entry[in]

IN operator doesn’t work for inbound links: links_to_entry[in]

for instance, I’d like to do this
const entityIds = ‘1,2,3,4’
// calling 1 time to contentful
client.getEntries ({‘links_to_entry[in]’: entityIds, ‘locale’:aLocale})

instead of this:
const entries = => {
// calling N times to contentful
client.getEntries ({‘links_to_entry’: entityId, ‘locale’:aLocale})

If you use the [in] operator for the ‘links_to_entry’, the query is not working. I’d would like to pass an array of entity ids for querying all the inbound links over the entityId list that I’ve provided. In this way we can save a lot of queries to contentful, that in the other hand, you have to do. I mean, at this moment you have to do the same query one by one id to get the same result. But the cost of time is huge and we are consuming several calls to contentful every time we run this logic.

I would be nice to have this feature working.


Hello Antonio,

currently there are no plans of implementing this behaviour. We add your feedback to our feedback pipeline and will treat it accordingly.

Thanks for reaching out to us, and please feel free to keep adding your suggestions.