Install Contentful on a specific web page

Hello everyone!
I want to install Contentful on a specific web page. So that the blog is on the page, for instance
Is it possible? Should I use SDK or API key?
I hope that there is someone who can help me)

Hi @Tanya,

Contentful is a SaaS/CaaS (Software as a Service/Content as a Service) application that resides in the cloud, so you don’t install it to your own server in the same sense as you would WordPress or Drupal, for example.

That is to say that Contentful is already up and running at as an either free or paid service depending on what features you need. You simply create an account, log in and start creating content.

Your content, however, requires a presentation layer of some kind, since Contentful does not have a presentation layer of it’s own. The presentation layer, which can be a JavaScript, Ruby, PHP etc. application runs on your own server. It is then up to you to configure the domain and directory structure in such manner that the URL is routed to your application responsible for providing the presentation layer for Contentful.

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Thank you so much for help!