Integrating with Transifex

Hey there Contentful community,

Has anyone out there integrated their Contentful account with Transifex? We’re looking to translate a bunch of our static site content. Since Transifex is the tool we use for all our other content, we’d like to treat it as the One Source of Truth™ and avoid maintaining spreadsheets we have to copy/paste from every time we need to update translations in Contentful.


Hi @cameron, two cents here from Contentful support. I am not familiar with the tool Transifex, but we have assisted customers to integrate with 3rd party translation tool, customers build custom scripts and toolings following the approach:

  • Setup an identifier field (“to be translated”) in the entries to be exported
  • export the entries using contentful CLI:
  • import the JSON file to the third party translation tool and translate it
  • export the translated field and import updated content to Contentful
  • update the identifier field to value (“translated”)

Great, thanks for the info @Alma :slight_smile: We were hoping for something less manual, but any amount of automation is appreciated!