Introduce yourself!

Hey everyone! I’d love to hear more about what you all are up to and how Contentful made it its way into your daily workflow. Share some details about yourself, your work, and your location. Would love to connect with you all.

A little about me…
I’m a Design Engineer at Uber on the global web team, supporting most web initiatives at Uber. At work, I’m help build out and the publishing platforms that power it. Outside of work, I’m building an enterprise-level “designer’s CMS” that sits on top of…you guessed it…Contentful. I also host web design and development Meetup called “Building Web Experiences.” where I cover all sorts of topic relating to publishing platforms, Conrtentful and everything in between. I live and work in San Francisco.



@jason Sweet! :wink:

Happy to have you! Looking forward to discuss and generate some bright ideas, find proper solutions to most difficult and unsolvable issues :metal:


P.S. I’m Andrey from Contentful, sometimes I take care of this place along with my beloved teammates.

A little about me…

I’m working at Contentful Developer Relations based in Berlin and use Contentful for my private site ( and other side projects. I organize the Web Performance Meetup here in Berlin and am also teaching CSS at CSSClasses.

Ja, and I’m mainly in Frontend and JavaScript technologies. :wink:

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I’m David, I work at Contentful as Ruby & Python Ecosystem Developer and sometimes Developer Relations :sweat_smile:, have been doing this for the past 2 years and I love it.

I’m a teacher at Argentina’s National Technological University in 2 subjects: “Advanced Programming Techniques” and “Team Conduction Methodologies”.

I will be moving to Berlin the next month and will be working directly at the Contentful HQ.

If you need anything Ruby or Python that’s Contentful-related (or not), you know whom to call :slight_smile:.

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I’m Allan White, and I work for Datica Health as a designer/developer. I’m based in the Portland,
Oregon, US area. is my main project there. I initially chose Contentful because, at the time, I was more on the product design side, and looking for ways to centralize content management across our apps and services (secure healthcare cloud infrastructure). We built our main site on Middleman (because we had people with ruby experience) and use the contentful-middleman gem to integrate the two. David’s been a real help on that front. My main specialty is UX and front-end design, but I’ve always liked content strategy and content modeling. My fave CMS apart from Contentful is definitely Statamic, with which I’ve built maybe a half-dozen sites. Last summer, I tried out maybe 10 different static-site generators, which was fun.

You can see more of my work on Behance. Hit me up on Twitter or the Contentful Slack channel, always up for a chat!

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Welcome @allan! And of course shout out @david.litvak for his help as always :metal:


I am new to Contentful, didn’t use it so far, focused on other CMSes in our agency.
In last 2 years we are working on a view layer based on Symfony PHP framework which will be independent from the content repo in some way. We call this Layouts:
Currently I am doing a proof of concept of integrating it with Contentful - so far so good :slight_smile:

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Welcome onboard @ivo!

Happy to have you :wink:
Would be great to hear how does your integration concept go! Feedback if highly appreciated :slight_smile: And indeed, you can rely on on us, and you’ll definitely find some help here :metal:

I am quite happy with your Symfony Bundle and the docs and the examples. Some bumps on the road but nothing significant.
The only serious comment I can give at this point is that I miss a default slug field. As I understood there is an extension for that but no out of the box field. Its not a big issue as we will handle the urls our selves, but it might have been a bit simpler to have the slugs already.

I will probably do a blog post by the end of the year about this and post it here.

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@ivo That is great! Ping us when ready with your post!
As for Slug, you’re right, it’s not available out of the box, but that’s the extension that can do the trick:
Also, feel free to post your questions about Symfony Bundle here- we’ll find a way to help you! :sunglasses:

Hi, I’m Erik!
Business Analyst at Derivco supporting game history app dev team in Estonian dev center in Tallinn.
Working with some product development, websites and ecommerce besides regular work. ,
Have used Wordpress and Odoo previously for different projects.
New to Contentful, stumbled upon it and looking into central content management more now. Always looking for new and efficeint ways to improve product dev and streamlining processes in general.



A warm welcome @allaserik! :blush:
Glad to have you with us :slight_smile:
We had many users coming from a WordPress/Odoo background, and you’ll surely find some help in here along the way.
If you have any questions or feedback in your journey, feel free to ping us at anytime :wink:


I’m a Software Engineer at Tieto which is a Nordic based software and services company. I’ve been working with various CMS products in the past - from Drupal to Wordpress, Sharepoint to Episerver and lately I’ve dipped my hands to Contentful as well. With a couple of customer projects under the belt I felt that maybe it’s time to get myself introduced with the community!

Hello and welcome! :wave: Glad to have you with us! :smile: Hopefully this community can help you in any way!


Hi @jason I’d be interested in learning more about your ‘designer’s CMS’.

I am an UX strategist I do a lot of IA / content strategy… I want to find a way to easily create working prototypes (ie searchable / data-driven) on top of Contentful… where I can easily put together a prototype of site structure using real content - something like the Contentful preview app but more realistic / flexible…

Hi there ! :fr:
I’m Amalik and I’m considering giving Contentful a try. I’m looking forward reading from the community :wink:

Hi Jason!

Is there a link to help me migrate from Sharepoint to Contentful?