Invited Users not getting invitation

The user checked spam/quarantine and it’s not there.

Is there a way to manually add users w/o the need to accept an invitation?

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I’m having exactly the same problem. Were you able to solve this somehow, @eric.nguyen?

I’m having this issue only for mail addresses - inviting users with e.g. gmail addresses works. Registration confirmation mails by contentful are also received by our company mail server so it does not seem to be a general configuration issue.

Please try to whitelist email in the configuration, then revoke and resend invitation to the user, following this guide.

I am having this same issue - invite emails are not being flagged by our organization, yet new invites to team members are not reaching their inboxes. Gmail invites are working fine, but this is obviously less than ideal. Is there a way to copy an invite link to share it directly with new users?

@rob.bowen, unfortunately not; but it is a very good point
I will forward it to our product team as a feature request on your behalf

This issue apparently was never resolved - still today I’m facing the exact same issue.
(Re-)sending emails does not work. Has there been any developments in this regards?