Is it possible to include "And" conditions in query params when using the js sdk?


I have an article type that contains a one-many-reference to another content type I have defined “Categories”. I am using the Javascript SDK and want to filter entries based on the user input.

For example, there are 3 Category Topic dropdowns: State, Topic, and Industry. When the user selects Categories to filter by, I want to query the following: All articles that contain any of the selected categories under State AND any of the selected categories under Topic AND any selected categories under Industry.

The search parameter [in] works successfully in querying articles that are tagged with any of the selected categories when including the param “[in]”, but is there anyway to include that “AND” condition?

My current query looks like this:

await client.getEntries({
     content_type: 'article',
     '[in]': {commaDelimitedStringOfSelectedCategories}