Is it possible to use a Page types attributes IN an included content_type, dynamically?

I have a need and have no idea how to achieve it.
Firstly, my goal is to use a general section/block (content_type) of text for like a thousand pages. This is a general paragraph or two that is applied to all…

But, there is a caveat… I wonder if the “page” it is used in, and when I say “page”, I mean a page type that is gonna consume this content. For example.

lets say I have a page:losAngeles

It has:

  • title
  • slug
  • city
  • state
  • companyInformation (THIS is the repetitive info that is used across thousands of pages). So, I insert that content type.

Here is the issue. In that “companyInformation” I have (or more apt, I want) a “dynamic value” and I am wondering HOW it can use the “city” of the consumer page. This way, I have 1 content_type for companyInformation that can be used for all my pages instead of having to customize all of them just to insert the city in there…

So, for example (a simple one). Lets say the companyInfomation content_type just contained this text.
“Our company has many associates in {{city}} to assist you.”

That {{city}} (in the example above) would be dynamically inserted with “Los Angeles” because that is the city value of the page:losAngeles that is consuming it.

Is it possible?