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Is there a way to modifiy a content-type id?

I need to modify a content-type id, but i can’t find how to…


Hi Olivier,

Right now there’s no way to modify the id of a content type. You would have to remove the content type and recreate it again.


In addition I would like to add that you can duplicate the content model with a new ID; this saves a lot of time if you have numerous fields.


Hi all,

I hope you don’t mind me tacking on a follow-up question which seems relevant to this thread.

If you duplicate a content type in this way so that you can rename it, is there a simple way to then migrate all the actual content from the old to the new content type?


I am also facing this challenge right now. I don’t have many content items so I could manually duplicate them but I’d rather not if it was possible to automate this some how.