Is there a way to modifiy a content-type id?

I need to modify a content-type id, but i can’t find how to…


Hi Olivier,

Right now there’s no way to modify the id of a content type. You would have to remove the content type and recreate it again.


In addition I would like to add that you can duplicate the content model with a new ID; this saves a lot of time if you have numerous fields.


Hi all,

I hope you don’t mind me tacking on a follow-up question which seems relevant to this thread.

If you duplicate a content type in this way so that you can rename it, is there a simple way to then migrate all the actual content from the old to the new content type?


I am also facing this challenge right now. I don’t have many content items so I could manually duplicate them but I’d rather not if it was possible to automate this some how.

What about using the Contentful Managment API (CMA) to fetch all the old incorrectly named entries then create a new entry for each item and copying the old data over to the newly created entry?

This should be a good place to start: Content Management API | Contentful