Issue with cli Import

I have a pipeline set up where our content editors change content in a development environment in contentful and then once done we run an export from dev using the CLI and import into our test environment using the import CLI. This has been working perfectly for a while now. The export has previously been performed using the --content-only flag

Recently there have been a lot of content changes and also some underlying content model changes so I updated the export to remove the --content-only flag.

The import was successful but then when building our site we are getting an error. This can be fixed by going into contentful and manually republishing a specific component (always the same one) even though it says it is published and the logs say it is published. However, this does not work in our code building pipeline so I need to find a proper solution to it.

I have been trawling through import/export logs and the json from the exports to try and find something that could cause it but have not found anything.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be welcome.