Last updated more than a year ago filter

My customer wants to have a view of all content that has not been updated in the last year (to spot if there’s outdated content on our site). When I try to create a view for this it’s only possible to select a specific date. Does it exist a syntax to specify relative dates (e.g. {aYearAgo} or {-365days}?

Hey Peder. :wave:t2:

You can use updateAt less than then date for that. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the swift reply, Stefan :slight_smile:

It was unfortunately not what I was looking for. The problem is that you have to set a specific date, which in your example is 2017-12-01, but I would like that date to be relative to today’s date, e.g. yesterday, last week, last year, etc.