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"LinkedFrom" is empty for defined locale

I’m currently trying to fetch an entry by another entry that it’s linked from.

The following query works fine as long as locale is the default locale or undefined.
As soon as it’s defined though, the query will still find the correct newsArticle item by unlocalized slug, but the linkedFrom.newsMainCollection.items array will remain empty.

How is the linkedFrom result dependent on localization? It doesn’t occur to me why it wouldn’t return any linkedFrom entry when using a different locale than default.

export const NEWS_ARTICLE_BY_SLUG = gql`
    query GetNewsMainBySlug($slug: String!, $preview: Boolean!, $locale: String) {
            limit: 1
            locale: $locale
            preview: $preview
            where: { slug: $slug }
        ) {
            items {
                linkedFrom {
                    newsMainCollection(limit: 1) {
                        items {