Local values in webapp views

Hi !

We work with many locales and we would need to retrieve in the webapp views some locale values (the local title of a content for example).
I haven’t seen this functionality on the webapp. Is it planned ?



Hi @jerome.hautecoeur!

Am I right you would like to create views with collections of entries, filtered by specific locale? That’s very close to this request: Localized search, because in fact Views are saved searches.
And because Views are saved searches, you can search by specific locales via CDA: Localized search
Unfortunately, it’s not doable from UI at the moment :cry: But that’s very interesting case… I’ve shared it with the team.

I’m sorry for sad news…

You’re right, the 2 subjetcts are linked.
Even if we can not filter by locale, we’d like to have a view on locale values in the webapp views.



Got it. The problem here is- these two cases are in fact two shades of one scenario- being able to search for specific locales in WebApp. Views are just saved searches that you have in WebApp.
I’ve shared this with the team already.
Is there any specific reason why you don’t want to search via CDA?


Our client is going to use the webapp (and no other tool) to manage the contribution workflow which means being able to retrieve easily some entries and being able to edit them with the same tool.
We won’t have any other way to work.



Makes sense. Thank you for sharing the details.