Locales API always returns "The resource could not be found." now

Hello! I’m stuck by the issue caused by locales from management API collection.
GET: https://api.contentful.com/spaces/SOMESPACE/environments/SOMEENV/locales
We have two locales set for this space, but the API always returns “The resource could not be found.” error.

	"sys": {
		"type": "Error",
		"id": "NotFound"
	"message": "The resource could not be found.",
	"requestId": "ad772360-5733-46ba-8571-3265eb95def3"

This is the first API call when using .NET SDK if no locale assigned. So it is a quite critical issue for me. It stops GetEntriesForLocale() from working.

2022-08-09 Update: finally it seems to be the invalid manage access token caused this issue. Somehow the old manage access token no longer works (but it should work, we haven’t delete it). And the message was quite confusing.
This issue solved by creating a new manage access token.