Localization/Upload of new images (media assets) via compose

I don’t understand the workflow of uploading media assets for different locales in contentful.

Task: I have an environment with several locales and I want to upload an not-localized image (same image for all locales, or only setting the image for a non-default locale without enabled the fallback option for the environment).

Problem: The problem is with compose you first choose a locale and then add/edit the fields/contents for this locale. But if I upload a image via compose the images are only uploaded/set for the default locale and not for the locale you are currently at.
So if you have not set the fallback options for the not-default locales and upload an image for a non-default locale, the image is in the media section only set for the default locale but not for the locale you want to have it (or at least all locales, see Screenshot - img-file is only uploaded for default locale). Because now if I only fetch a non-default locale, then the file object of the fetched image (which is for example part of text-image content-type) is empty because it is only set for the default locale, which don’t make sense for me.

Question: Is there a way to upload the image in compose (Web-UI) for all locales (per default)? Or how can you upload a image in compose for a non-default locale (or all locales without setting the fallback for all fields), without enabled fallback-option and without going to the media section and upload the image in a different step for the specific locale(s)?
It makes no difference if you enabled the localization for the image-field in the content-type or not, the image is always uploaded and set only for the default-locale. What is the planed workflow to upload images via compose for a non-default locale?

Thank you very much!

I have the same issue. Only receive a null value in my queries if I ask for a locale version and the media asset only contains an image for the default locale. Very frustrating since the queries become so complex.