Login Phishing Attempt? https://be.flinkly.com/login

I’m trying to login to my Contentful account, and I notice it’s being redirected to https://be.flinkly.com/login. Is there some sort of phishing attempt currently ongoing? Or is this just a misconfiguration on your end?


Definitely a misconfiguration/bug on our end. I’ve let the responsible team know. It should not still be happening. If it is, please submit a support ticket: Support | Contentful

Just had this happen to me as well. Something really bad / shady is going on here.

Yep me too. I’ve found you can get in by using this URL instead: Log in - Contentful


I’ve verified this in several browsers & curl. Something very bad is happening on the Contentful sign-up page and it seems to have been this way for a while. If flinkly dot com is not owned by Contentful, this seems to be a huge issue. Also just noticed the Login call to action in the main site header also links to the suspicious site.

What’s going on here Contentful?

Jumping in here as well. I (we all) need to understand if this is a phishing attempt ASAP. I got to the Login screen from clicking the button on your URL. What is Flinkly dot com?


Response from Support: “The flinkly site is owned by Contentful and is where we served our testing environments. It appears there was an issue with this site being served by default. Our engineering team is currently investigating the cause.” So it likely wasn’t external, so I feel a little better. Might have tapped on the alarm bell a little bit with our CISO :slight_smile:


Good to hear. For the last hours still can’t log in. Getting redirected to flinkly. Any ETA?

Glad I got the same support response. I was starting to think the call was coming from inside the house! :grin: