Long Text validations when appearance is set to Single Line

Hey Team.

We have some fields which are used for large chunks of HTML, and we have modelled these as Long Text. Our content editors producing this HTML do so in another tool, so all that they need to do when it comes to Contentful is just paste it in. Because of this, we have set the appearance of these Long Text fields in the webapp to Single Line to save on vertical space and because we don’t really need to see what is in there.

However, when the content of the Long Text field exceeds 256 characters, the front end validation kicks in turns the character count red. Also the help text “Requires less than 256 characters” is always present. These cues might confuse our content editors and make them think they have done something wrong. You can still publish and everything works as it should, but I was wondering if this is the intended behaviour when Long Text has the appearance set to Single Line?


Hi @gareth.staite! Welcome!

We recently noticed this problem and actually shipped a fix for it earlier today. Is this problem still happening to you and your editors?

Hope this helps!

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