Magento and Contentful

Has anyone successfully used Contentful as the CMS for content in a Magento application?

Hey @bo1,

From our general experience, we have not had many customers integrating both Contentful and Magento, as there are usually challenges integrating Magento with other APIs.

Still, we’d also be very glad to hear any other Contentful users that have had any experiences with this :slight_smile:

we use contenful as CMS on nearly all of our shops. For example look at or We are very happy with our implementation. If you are interested in the module we’ve build just give me a hint.


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That’s really great to hear, Till.

Do you think it’d be possible to share your experiences or your code with us? :smile:

both should be possible. We will transfer your repository to github. Stay tuned :wink:



jumping in the middle.
we also have a magento site and we consider contentful for CMS replacement.
can you share your experience with me to ?


Would you be able to add us as well? Many thanks

Hey all,

I left a small note in our thread asking for potential integrations with Contentful. That’ll make sure to let our product team up-to-date with these use cases you have.

What Contentful integrations would you love to see us build?

@till.hess I’d love to be added as well.