Maintaining the entry version history / preserving entry state with import/export

I am working with contentful cma in mostly js, but need a basic answer on – is there a way when moving entries/assets from one environment in a space, to another in the same space – to retain the versioned history on the content (Versions in master, and last user to publish) – I can verify the version number is correct and that the createdAt and updatedAt dates all line up, but the entry in master has the previous versions and correct editor and when viewed in the new environment appears to truncate that. Is there something in export/import to retain that information reliably?

Hi @nteague, I can confirm that when you move entries/assets from the space environment to another, the version history (snapshots) will be reset, the editor will become the owner of the API token.

For the latter issue, a workaround will be to create a content field and add the editor information there, instead of relying on the sys.createdBy value.