Many locales make editor hard to use

Hello. Not sure if others are experiencing this, but if you enable more than a couple of locales for your project, and then try to use the editor, each and every field is repeated n times, making the editor very hard to use. This is true for each and every field type you enable localization for (long text, media, etc etc). Perhaps a more ideal solution would be to allow the editor to select a locale from a dropdown menu, at the content level (perhaps next to the Actions, Info buttons on the top right, or somewhere on the side menu) and then only show the fields for that selected locale. There could also be a “Show All” option that just shows everything, if people find that useful. Thoughts?

Hi @ramin,

This is already an option. Under the action button you’ll see translation like this

That will let you select which locales to show. This setting is user specific so each user can have a different set of locales shown.

Ahhh. That’s good to know. thanks!