Markdown data from content model as a downloadable asset

Before I go down the rabbit hole, I was hoping to have somebody explain the best way to do what I’m trying to accomplish.

I have some help articles that will be added to the content model as markdown. I want to make the .md file available as a download on the published page of each article. This way the user can download and make suggested edits then re-submit for approval. What approach would you take to accomplish this?

Thanks for any ideas!

Hi @dhillesheim

For your use case I would not recommend to use our Markdown field. but instead to upload the markdowns as Assets. This because meanwhile we indeed support Markdown, the field cannot be export as MD (at least not in a way I can think of that would be simple).

When you a user submit to you a different version, you could use the API to change the Markdown file associated with your Asset.