Markdown v rich text format (RTF)


We have a half dozen content models that use the markdown content type (i.e., long text with the appearance as markdown).

I see a lot of chatter about swapping such content to a RTF field. We were able to get the markdown content fields to work for our needs using html. The RTF fields don’t have a preview tab which is why we prefer not to use that content type.

Bottom line: Is there any reason to use RTF over long text (if we don’t care about limiting the available tags for the content type) ?

I just started migrating our blog posts from long text to rich text. And the reason is because we want our blog posts to be more dynamic and customizable.

RTF gives you a lot of power to design how each element would look and what you render on the client. But with that also comes additional complexity. On our front end, I have to make sure each hyperlink is turned into an actual link. And when embedded entries included, i have to make sure im working with the right data shape.

It adds a lot more work imo.

I would suggest keeping the long text if it’s simple. Like let’s say a Meta Description or a product description.

But if you want a product description page(Ebay style) then RTF would be a great option since you can even include Carousel images and other interactive components.