Media files not showing up in cdn api response

Hi. we are new to contentful but having an issue that seems simple enough and yet we are perplexed.

With the following call, we are able to retrieve all the data for the entries of this particular content type. However, In the response, all of that info resides in[i].fields EXCEPT so far, the image we uploaded is just missing, as if it were never there. Are we missing something?<SPACE_ID>/entries?&access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>&content_type=driveShackLocations&fields](<SPACE_ID>/entries?&access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>&content_type=<CONTENT_TYPE>


For some reason it just started showing up. Not sure what the holdup was. But, All it shows is an ID. Are we to make a second api call to get the image or is there a better way to approach this?

Hi @german,

This might’ve been a simple temporary delay that would explain why your changes were not immediately reflected. Did you chnage your request in any way?