Meta tag management Contentful

We host our knowledge center on contentful.
We’d like manage the OG tags for each page using contenful.
We have a JSON editor for each page, which contains all the info.
We were wondering if there’s a way to have the JSON editor be linked with the Image Assets ? To avoid finding and then having to copy the image URL into each editor.

More generally, if you are, know of, plan to manage your Meta tags and structured data with contentful hop on this thread and share your experience. This does not seem like a topic that’s extensively discussed yet.

the élance team

Hey @maison-elance :wave: You’re right, there isn’t that much discussion out there about setting up meta tags for pages.

Have you tried creating an SEO component that can hold the information for the meta tags you mentioned?

Here’s what mine looks like:

I then added a single reference field to my :page_facing_up: Page Component to reference an :mag_right: SEO Component. On the front end, I funnel data from the Featured Image field directly into the respective meta tags for a page.

If you did something like this, it will create a direct link between your media assets and the meta tags for your pages. I also found it helpful for organizing my site’s SEO data, since I could filter for all :mag_right: SEO Components if I wanted to make a more global update or something.

Hopefully this helps! Happy to answer questions if you have any. :slightly_smiling_face:


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