Migrating content between environments

We’re looking for the best way to migrate the content only (not the model) of a specified entry.

For example, in instances where we’ve already developed and migrated content models, we may have developers that have been working with specific content in those models, and they now want to migrate the content to save manually replicating it in the master environment.

The most obvious solution is to export and import via the CLI.

contentful space export --content-file my-file.json --space-id my-space --environment-id my-env --content-only --query-entries sys.id=xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Whilst this exports the required entry, it also exports unrelated assets and tags which we don’t want to migrate.

Assets we can work around with something like --query-assets sys.id=nonexistant-id. However, I don’t see a solution for tags.

Is this the only way we can migrate content from one environment to another, or is there a better solution?

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Hi @paul.herron

Maybe the following answer can help you: