Mismatch in field's max length validation

I recently run a migration to increase maximum length of tex that is allowed in one of my content models to allow 512 characters instead of 256. But to my surprise I just stumbled upon an error logged in production that says 256 characters is maximum. I checked this behavior in Contentful administration and I can see the same issue. See my screenshot below.
In content model I can correctly see 512 characters set as a limit. On the screenshot you can also see the field also says maximum of 512 characters. But if you try to save the entry then it errors out.

What’s up with that?

Also, I tried to join Contentful Slack but I was once a member and deactivated my account and now I cannot join again unfortunately. I thought I won’t be using Contentful again but here we are :slight_smile: Would it be, please, possible to reactivate my account so I can join Slack community once more? Thanks

Ah I see. Short text fields are limited to 256 characters.