Model migrations and editor interfaces


here I am again with another question about contentful-migration-cli.

Is it possible to manage “Editor interface” within migrations?

For example:
Inside a migration I add a “Text” field called “Content” and I want to avoid Markdown editor. Something like that:

const model = migration.editContentType('model')
      widgetId: "multipleLine",
      settings: {
        helpText: "Help text"

Currently I’m using migration-cli and then contentful-management.js to complete this task.


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Hey @vmilone,

I’m here again as well :wink:

No, sadly that’s not possible at the time. We’re currently evaluating how the migration tooling is used to further improve it (after all, it’s still a beta), so not the whole functionality has been implemented at once.

The feedback is very welcome, as Editor Interfaces is already a bullet point on our list of considerations.

I’m happy to get back to you once we have more updates to share with you :slight_smile:


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