Modify content after publish without release


I try to figure out if I can use contentful for my company, but I have trouble with the versioning of contents.
I try to use the Contentful API to request missing HTML snippets during the runtime.

Now I would like to use the following Workflow.

  • Content is in Draft (available via preview client)
  • Content is published (available via client and preview client).

So far it’s fine, but now I want to modify the already published text and don’t use these changes directly.

  • Something like (client -> latest published version, preview client -> latest changes)

I this possible ?

Hi @timo.doernenburg,

The Preview API will return the newest available content, so your assumption is right. It will not only return draft/unpublished, but also published but with pending changes, and it will reflect those changes, while the Delivery API will still hold the published version.

So to clarify:

  • Delivery API -> Only published
  • Preview API -> Unpublished and newest available version of already published content including updates

Hope this helps,