More fields on Assets

Is it possible to add additional fields to Media assets? Specifically, i would like for the author to be able to set the focus area of an image, so he has a little control of how it will get cropped later on.

I know the Image API has the feature to accept a focus area, and I could probably create a new content type with a media+focusarea+ UI Extension to preview the various crops that are defined, but then the image is not shown when used/selected in a Richtext area, or other fields that accept “Media”.

Hi @asger.jensen,
This is currently not possible, but you could instead reference these assets in actual entries and have as many fields as you might find necessary.

Ok, i get that.

Is there any way to control/override how a content type is rendered when placed in a rich text area, so I could keep the feature of showing the image when its embedded?

Could you explain in a bit more detail what you mean by this?
Effectively, you should be able to later control the rendered content as desired in the side of your application as you wish.

Yes, thats true. I’m thinking about how it looks in the RichText editor in the administration app.


The bottom one is a contenttype with the image and the focus area. While it does show a preview of the image, its quite small, so i was hoping it was possible to dictate how it was rendered, if i have to go the content-type route to set the focus area.

It wouldn’t be possible to change that image preview directly since it’s an actual implementation of our UI.