Move selected content Model to different space/environment


We have a requirement where we want to move a selected content-type to different space/environment. But unfortunately I am not able to find any documentation for such use case, hence reaching out to this community for help.

I have used below command line script

contentful space export --space-id –query-entries ‘content_type=“content-type-id”,’

but I am getting below error during execution

18:52:81 - Error: Status: 400 - Bad Request - Message: A Content Type ID is required. When querying for Entries and involving fields you need to limit your query to a specific Content Type. Please send a Content Type ID (not the name) as the URI query parameter “content_type” - Request ID: …

Another requirement is, while we are doing space sync we want to exclude some of the content entry which are not finalized yet. How can we achieve this using contentful CLI?

Any help for above requirements will be very much appreciated !!