Multi-Site Management


I am working on a project that involves creating 200 websites. The design of these websites will be identical, but the content and domain names will be different, with custom domain names like ‘’ and ‘’.

The front-end of the websites will be built using Next.js, and each site will have a homepage, a news page, and a news details page. Users need to regularly add news entries, so there will be a significant amount of data involved.

Each user should only be able to see and manage the content of their own website. I’m considering using a Headless CMS like Contentful to manage the content, but I’m unsure if it will be suitable for my project’s requirements, including multi-site management and separate access control for each user.

I’m also concerned about the scalability of the project and whether a single Contentful instance can handle the data load for all 200 sites or if dividing the sites into smaller groups would be more manageable.