New to Contentful

Hello the contentful’s community,

I have a use case that I would like to implement, but I’m not sure if it is possible or not with Contentful:
I plan to set up a website. This website will be particular because it will need to get the data from my database (MongoDB). In this database, all our partnerships.
I want to be able to show every partnership in the same page template. So for example, (with all the descriptions) as a page. Twilio as another page ect. All those pages have the same structure of course.

Is it possible to do that with Contentful? If yes any tutorial?

Hi @kevin.rabesaotra

Yes, that is possible. I would suggest using one of our SDKs (for PHP, Python, etc), to create a Backend that pulls the data from both Contentful and your data-source.
That Backend can then either expose API or directly the output you need in your website.