No more webhook sent

Hello, I am trying to integrate webhook stuff to my site.
But since only the first webhook was sent, no more webhook has been sent from contentful.

  • I configured to send a webhook when an entry is published/unpublished.
  1. My endpoint returned 500 to the first webhook.
  2. I added another webhook connected to Zapier to see the webhook works or not. of course I finished the setting on Zapier to get webhook from contentful.
  3. On both webhook, I don’t see any new activity while I published/unpublished some items.

Can you please help me to find why?
And what should I provide you to figure out the problem?

Thanks in advance :grin:

Hej @ansun.shin1,

did you have a look on the Webhook calls by any chance? They’re also available via the UI:


There you need to select a webhook and you should see something like this


Do you see all the expected calls there? If so, then the receiving end of the webhook is causing problems. Otherwise maybe something is going wrong for you. If that’s the case please file a ticket to and we’ll have a closer look :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi Stephan!

Of course I have checked the section before i wrote this topic :joy:
So I created a ticket as you said.

Anyway, thank you for the fast answer! :laughing:

Hey Steffan,

I realised I should have to publish/unpublish items on master, not on staging.
Sorry for bugging you. but I have another question…

Is it possible to configure a webhook for staging?


Hi @ansun.shin1,

Webhooks are not available for sandbox environments, only production environments.


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Hi Charlie!

Oh right. It makes sense…
Thanks for the answer!


Hey @charlie,

Now I am curious why you don’t support webhooks on sandbox env.
Because I am using the webhook feature as an important part of my prod’s lifecycle, so I hope I could see whether the cycle works fine on my sandbox.
Do you have any plan to support it or can you tell me why it’s not available?

Thanks in advance.


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