One Space To Another Space Synchronisation

Hello All,

I have below requirement to be implemented
Will have 3 space -

  • Admin
  • Employee
  • Common

I need Common Content has to be copied or sync with other 2 Space(Employee and Admin) if any changes or update
Whereas Admin and Employee space will have their own content also, Please find below screen shot for reference

Please help

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Cross-space referencing - Contentful doesn’t support that. A pity, it is a very demanded feature.

in a basic way, you could

  • define an external space content type to capture Common content space id , environment and entry id…
  • Assemble the content from various spaces on your frontend.

It’s not very friendly for a content editor as needs operating on id’s.

Alternatively you could develop an UI extension to make the process more friendly.

I haven’t tried this yet, but this should be helpful:

I don’t think that this is the intended use of spaces, spaces are supposed to be containers of a set of data and different spaces should not have data that are related in that way. I haven’t tried the enterprise version of contentful yet but with it you should be able to set up users and permissions to handle this type of scenario.