Page Extension - Open Dialog Extension to unlink linked references from one or multiple entries


I have created a Page extension that displays a table of all entries of a Content Type. Using the table, I can select multiple entries and link multiple entries of another content type to a field of all the selected entries in the table.

I want to be able to also select multiple entries in the table and display the linked entries in a pop-up window, then be able to unlink those entries in the same way as the linking is done. However, Contentful does not possess the unlinking functionality, which is why I’m using the openExtension dialog feature.

This is what I have so far:

title : “Unlink entries”,
width : “large”,
minHeight : 700,
shouldCloseOnOverlayClick : true,
shouldCloseOnEscapePress : true
.then(data => {
// console.log("data: ", data);

How would I display the linked entries in the pop-up and add an “Unlink” button which will remove the linked entries from the field of the selected entries? What are the parameters needed to show the list of linked entries?

Thank you.