Page size, order

Hi everyone!

So, I am pretty fresh at Contentful and therefor I have a couple of questions, if you can help me out.

I want to limit shown items on my page for latest four. So, how can I achieve this? On main page I want to show latest four added items, and whn you click on it, it opens up a new page, wher eyou see the item you want.

In my case its news section, where as mentioned above, I want to show latest four news (only image and title) . And when I click on a news, I want it to be opened on its own page whre I can see image, title and whole text.

Thank you for your help!

I am a begginer, hoping to be a junior developer one day

Just paginate your requests and specify a limit of 4. See this and Pagination blog post (Previous - Next) for more details.