Path to Product - The Best Product Jobs in Startups and Tech

Hey everyone,

I’m excited to show you Path to Product, a job site I’ve been building to help people discover product jobs at tech companies!

Tech Overview:
The frontend is a static site built with Vue.js, using the Vuetify framework for material design components. The site is deployed to Netlify, which offers asset optimization, caching, SSL and Continuous Integration. Super simple!

All the jobs are served up by Contentful, using the Javascript SDK. Right now I have just 2 data models—jobPostings and locations. Currently, jobPostings can only have one location (though I’ll be changing this in the future) and locations can be linked to any number of jobPostings. Soon I’ll also be adding additional resources for aspiring and current product managers, which will require some additional models.

Separate from the production site, I have a Rails app, deployed to Heroku, which runs periodic jobs using Heroku Scheduler to pull in new job postings from a number of sites. The app reviews the data to ensure I’m only grabbing product jobs, does quite a few things to clean up the data (it can be real mess), and then pushes new postings, or updates, to Contentful using the Ruby client for the Contentful Management API.

Closing Thoughts:
The site is continually improving, but I’ve been really happy with how everything has come together so far. The combination of Contentful and Netlify has resulted in a simple and fast app! I’ve only run into a couple minor issues with the Management API that were quickly resolved by the support team (shoutout to Danit and David).

Would love to get your feedback and happy to answer any questions as well!


Hey @dfeinberg5 :wave:

That’s awesome :heart_eyes: ! And there are two reasons- I’m very happy you built it with Contentful and it resulted to a sustainable engine; secondly- the idea is really great. I wish you all the best with the product!

And please let us know if you have any questions about further improvements!

Thanks @andrey! Also on my to-do list is expanding to more European product jobs as well :wink:

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That’d be really great! Because we’re hiring, too :rofl: