Phone numbers as links

Afternoon. Wondering how to make phone numbers into links in web content?

Hi @mary.hay,

Could you provide some more context and details about what you’d exactly like to achieve?

Hi Gabriel

I want to be able to link phone numbers so if you are using a mobile device you can just click and call the number rather than trying to remember it and then call the number.

Hi @mary.hay,

Since our long-text field uses Markdown syntax, you’d have to structure your content in such a way as [123-456-7890](tel:1234567890)


That would ensure that you’re given the option to call the number you reference in your markdown text.

Thanks Gabriel. Works like a charm. I knew it would be simple.


Glad it helped :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, is this only for mobile because it doesn’t seem to work on desktop. When I tried your solution it only add /[123-456-7890] (tel:1234567890) to the url and not opening the dialer