Preview api not working well in staging env

it seems like we are currently experimenting problem with the preview API.

What is weird is that in local env everything is working well, but on our staging servers only the US content is working. When trying to access fr-CA and en-CA content we 99% of the time get “RateLimitExceeded” error…

The weird thing is that both local and staging env are using the preview Api


Hi @olivier.castro-perri,

RateLimitExceeded is not an error, but rather a warning. I don’t know why you are getting that warning with specific locales, but, in general, a rate limit warning simply means you need to write your code to try again after a bit. If you are using the official Contentful SDKs, they all should try again automatically and there are options to tweak if needed to change how many times to retry and how long to wait before retrying.

Hope this helps!