Preview linkedBy picks the wrong entry


I am having a problem while using the preview urls. The way understand this functionality, if I am editing something that is nested (reference) then if I use the interpolated placeholder “{entry.linkedBy.fields.slug}” inserts the slug of the parent in the hierarchy. For example if you have products inside a category, when editing the product, it would insert the categories, slug. This is what I understand when I read “the entry which is open in the editor”.

This actually does work for me as long as the child entry only has one type of link. But it does not pick the right parent when there are many links.

There should not be any ambiguity because I am going down the hierarchy. I am not editing the child directly out of context, I am following the parent/child path, which means there is a clear “parent”.

For info my preview URL is like:{entry.linkedBy.fields.slug}/{entry.fields.slug}

Pretty classic.
I have another case where I use one more nesting level, using “entry.linkedBy.linkedBy.fields.slug” for the parent’s parent. But this fails even with only one level.

Is there a bug? Or am I misunderstanding the way it works?