Programmatically use of contentful-migration-cli


I’m testing the new contentful-migration-cli package.

It’s possibile to use it programmatically like the contentful-extension-cli?

Something like this:

const migration = require('contentful-migration-cli')
const client = migration.createClient({

The cli approach is less flexible and more difficult to integrate with our Build/Delivery system.

Thank you,

Hey @vmilone,

Welcome to Contentful Community! It’s unfortunately not available at the moment, but that’s planned.
However, you can workaround this. In a build process you can often execute more than one shell command - we do respect the exit codes, so you could catch a failed migration (e.g. in most CIs nothing further gets executed if the prior process exited with something different than 0)
Also you can always spawn a shell within Node, which then does the migration and wrap that in a promise - combine it with and you basically can simulate the behaviour of extension-cli's programmatic usage.

Let me know if that help :slight_smile:

Hi @andrey,

thank you for the answer.

I like dargs, I’ll give it a shot.


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@vmilone Awesome! Just let us know if you need some help with this.

Hi @andrey

I re-open this discussion because I’m trying to use contentful-migration-cli inside our build system.
We use Jenkins to generate artifacts. When Jenkins launch
contentful-migration --space-id vdg1mwfhyz60 migrations/pictures/banner_full.js
the cli asks “Do you want to apply the migration?”.

No bodies can answer Yes: it’a an automatic task, so the build fails. It’s possible to force the migration without the input prompt?


HI there,
Unfortunately there is no argument to auto respond for now, but you can tell jenkins to answer yes when receiving that question from the migration-cli using shell script.

Something like this

expect -c "
spawn contentful-migration --space-id $SPACE_ID $MIGRATION_FILE
set timeout -1
expect \"Do you want to apply the migration (Y/n)\"
send \"y\r\"
expect eof

Hi @vmilone,

Khaled was faster :rocket:

It should also be possible to pipe Unix yes into the process (but I haven’t tried this)

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I got inspiration from Stephan’s suggestion and I wrote:
echo yes | contentful-migration --space-id vdg1mwfhyz60 migrations/pictures/slider_gallery.js

It works!

Thank you.

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Hi @vmilone,

I am also looking solution automate the migration using Jenkins. Could you please help us how you have done build setup in Jenkins job?

Venkatesh. A