Publish from Google Docs to Contentful

Hi everyone,

Apologies up front, as this is not an extension, but I am not sure where else to post this…

I have created an application called Cloudpress that allows users to publish content from Google Docs to Contentful.

Writing content in Google Docs provides several advantages:

  1. First off, it is a much better writing experience since you have all the writing and proofing tools of a modern word processing application at your fingertips
  2. The second and more important advantage is that Google Docs allows for collaboration on documents. It allows various stakeholders to give input and leave comments on content before it gets published.

Cloudpress makes the process of publishing from Google Docs to your Contentful account as simple as clicking a button. It will preserve text formatting of the document and will also upload and attach any images as assets to your content.

It is currently in beta, but I would love for some of you to try and it out and give me feedback, Please check it our at


Thanks for sharing it with us, @jerrie!