Published or Draft?

Is there any other idea or work around to know the status of an entry with a single call using Preview API? This sounds to me as it should be a core feature

What’s strange is the glaring omission of what most seem to consider to be pertinent metadata about content. I’ve given my team access to a “preview” environment wherein I was trying to tag draft and once-published-but-then-unpublished posts accordingly. Is this really an unfathomable use case for the Contentful engineers? I’m half considering adding my own damned “Post Status” field to the content model and having my users use that instead, but then I’m forfeiting functionality like scheduled publishes, etc.

There’s no reason that both the CDA and CPA can’t both just tell me what status an entity is in — in plain english. Is there some security concern? Do I need to switch my preview environment to use the CMA token instead, just for this? And then I still have to implement that weird-ass workaround to calculate the status myself? Is this not a CMS platform? Am I — are we — taking crazy pills? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!